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Planning a wedding during COVID-19

Could we have predicted to be where we are when we rang in the new year? My goodness its been a crazy roller coaster! Im heartbroken over the many couples who had to postpone or cancel their dream wedding. Here in northern Virginia the state is due to reopen on June 10th. So we still have a chunk of time to be at home and do as much as we can from home.

Sweet bride I’m sure its definitely not the way you expected to be planning your wedding. I get it and want to be here for you!

Beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony in Maryland.

The sad truth is COVID-19 is putting a damper on all the plans. Weddings and events are getting cancelled left and right. Unfortunately what happens the rest of this year is unpredictable and only time will tell. However if you’re starting to plan your 2021 wedding the time is NOW.

Theres been tons of postponements this year already and all those weddings are already booking into 2021. So it will be inevitable to run into the problem of your favorite vendors being already booked.

Bride and groom getting cheered on by bridal party.

So heres a few things you can start doing now to get ahead on your planning even while being in quarantine.

Brainstorm what vendors are most important to you and contact them ASAP!

Sit down and think of what is most important to you when you picture your wedding day. Most vendors are only able to schedule one event a day. Locally Rosemont Manor has the ability to host two events a day but that is rare so if you have a dream team in mind contact them now.

Give virtual tours a shot

Many venues have accommodated and started providing virtual tours. Heres some local venues offering them.

Morias Vineyard

Rose Hill Manor

Fox Meadow Barn

Virtual Dress Shopping can be done too!

Not every shop is doing this but its a wonderful option. If you want to see the dress or fabric up close. Try to reach out to your favorite shop and see if it’s something they offer.

Bridal Room VA – book appointment now

Valley Bride

Consider hiring a planner! They are life savers!

Not only are they pros at handling all the things but can help you be on top on knowing who and when to reach out to vendors. They are great communicators, can help you keep things organized and can provide insight that you may have not thought about. Real stress savers! Heres some wonderful local planners:

Broadview Events

Michelles Main Event

Blue Sapphire Events

Jessica Ashley Events – Jae Rebecca

Order samples and swatches from dress companies and sample stationery

Companies like Minted and Shine offer free samples. This way you can look and feel the kind of wedding invitations you want to send out. Basic Invite is another great option and you can read more about them here!

Azazie and Birdy Grey will send out swatches for you to be able to sort out your wedding colors and really see first hand what colors you want your bridal party to wear.

Consider a small intimate wedding or elopement

If all that matters to you is getting married and having those few essential people around or just the love of your life. Go for it! It might be the one option that saves you stress and money. I know its not for everyone but I also know sometimes life cant wait and you’re ready to move forward. You have the option of live-streaming your ceremony and I’ve also seen a sweet car tunnel in which bride and groom greet their guest from a safe distance as they are walking down and they cheer them on. You can also schedule a big reception in celebration at a later date. A sweet couple of mine opted for this and decided to do their ceremony in their new home.

Ask about cancellation/postponement policies

Unfortunately its the world we live in at the moment and it’s not a bad idea to know what will happen in case you have to have a back up plan. Most of not all vendors should have online contracts you can view from the comfort of your own home.

It doesn’t hurt to ask how flexible a vendor can be

If you’re absolutely in love with a vendor but have specific questions about certain policies listed in their contract. Ask and see if a vendor is willing to work with you. We all know this is tough times all around. You never know until you ask. 🙂

Other ideas

– Reach out to the baker you’re considering for your wedding cake and see if they are able to make small take home options for you to taste.

– Ask for a video consultation to get a feel of a face to face meetup.

– Use this time to dream and look into honeymoon options. Right now airfare is dirt cheap but with no telling how things will play out it can be pretty risky. If you decide to dig into these savings make sure you check out cancellation and rebooking policy’s just to be on the safe side.

Sparkler exit and couple are pausing to kiss

I hope these tips were helpful to you sweet bride and groom! If your photographer is booked for your reschedule date or you are interested in having us photograph your wedding, please contact us, we would LOVE to be there for you!

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